Horsemanship simply for your journey

Skill Levels of horsemanship on the ground and riding:
#1 Safety
#2 Proficient & Harmony (recreational level - leisure trail riding, enjoyment, therapy).
#3 Advanced
#4 Refinement
#5 Specialization (performance level - Jumping, reining, dressage,cutting, endurance, barrel racing, and many other disciplines).
Horses can help humans live a happy and healthy life style
Horses teach humans and humans teach horses
Horsemanship is about 80% mental and 20% physical
Biomechanics research and test for seat, posture and balance when riding increases performance and dreceases injury.


Private Horsemanship Lesson (10 Years or older)

  • 1 1/2hr private lesson: $100.00 per lesson
  • Package discount
  • 4 lessons (1 1/2hr): $90.00 per lesson
  • 4 lessons (1hr): $70.00 per lesson
  • 6 lessons (30 min): $45.00 per lesson
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Kid Private Lesson (10 years and under)

  • 1hr private lesson: $55.00 per lesson
  • Package discount
  • 3 (1 hr) private lesson: $50.00 per lesson
  • 3 (40min) private lesson: $40.00


Horsemanship Group Class (10 Years or older)

  • Thursday start time: 3:40pm & Saturday time 10:00am
  • Each class 1 1/2 hour and groups can vary with age, students, etc.
  • Each student must of taken at least 3 private lessons to begin a class
  • Groups are no more than 5 riders. We like to put riders in a group that is appropriate for them
  • Cost per class: $60.00
  • Package discount: 4 class sessions $55 per class
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Horsemanship Group Class (7 to 10 years and under)

  • Every Monday start time 3:00pm
  • Each class is 1hr/15mins and each student must take at least 1 private lesson
  • Group are no more than 4 riders
  • Cost per class: $45
  • Package discount: 2 class sessions $40.00 per class

Horsemanship Play - Day Event

  • Every month we will pick a day to have a play day with our horses or bring your own horse. We will be learning a few savvy tips on the ground and given time we will practice in the saddle as well. Please follow our Grandfather Stables Facebook to know when these events are scheduled. Some play-days will be set either for kids or teen/adults
  • Play-days are 1 1/2hr Long and gost $35 per person!

Practice Sessions

  • After you have taken at least 6 private lessons or classes you have the choice of practicing independently with your partner aka (horse). And practice what you have learned during a lesson or class.
  • Remember* “perfect practice makes perfect” –Pat Parelli.
  • Practice sessions are 1hr long and cost $30 per hour
  • Package discount* 3 practice sessions $25 per session

Leasing a Partner aka (horse)

  • We would be happy for you to lease a perfect partner! To begin leasing one of Lesley
  • Wooten horses you must have taken a few lessons and pass safety level of horsemanship first!
  • Leasing cost: Half lease $350 per month includes 20% off any lesson/class.
  • Full lease $650 per month 30% off any lesson/class. Boarders also get 30% off lessons/classes.
    Ask about our working student program

What to bring/know before starting a lesson or class:

  • Approved Riding Helmet* (we have helmets to rent)
  • Jeans (western) or breeches (English)
  • Approved riding boots with one inch heel (no sneakers)
  • No flips-flops, shorts, yoga pants, leggings or anything like it
  • Students be prepared to sign forms and parents need to sign if minor
  • We have great learning partners aka (horses) here or bring your own horse
  • If you bring your own please make sure to contact Grandfather Stables 1 st
  • For now please contact the stables for scheduling or questions 828-260-5000
  • Payment: Card, check or cash 5% discount. To pay cash come to stables
  • Soon scheduling will be available online