We would like to take you on a pleasant ride with saintly horses through the valley with mountains surrounding and rugged forest terrain. Guides will only ride to the level of the least experienced or timid rider in group. Our horseback, trail ride involves minimal and basic rider participation with our horses, riders will need to understand minimal and basic communication, controls of the horse. Horseback riding also requires riders to have good balance and proper seat to provide the horse comfort and support throughout your ride. The guide will do everything humanly possible to teach, assist and keep riders safe and comfortable with rider participation of course.

We hope horseback riding will be a fun, positive, learning and little challenging adventure for the group. Trail riding is not always easy as it might seem it takes a partnership from the human and horse to make a successful and safe ride. We want our horses to enjoy the trail ride work they do for us people, so that way they keep wanting to work by offering trail rides to the public. Trail riding is a small part of what we do and offer here at Grandfather Stables the main focus is natural horsemanship training, boarding and lessons.

Trail riding and horseback rides really started on its own when Lesley had many visitors stopping by asking about horses and if Lesley could take them riding on a tour. Lesley was confident that she could take novice riders on an enjoyable experience because she’s been trail riding for years and studying horsemanship with other professional mentors. Lesley keeps horseback rides open to the public no matter the challenges of the business so she can offer horses to folks that do not own horses but also for people that want to understand horses not just ride but to be involved with the their horse your riding.

Taking at least one riding lesson before your venture out on a horseback ride or trail ride is highly recommended for your safety and you will have more fun understanding the horse you are riding

    We are not responsible for any accidents with horses. You are riding and on foot with horses at your own risk. Warning horses can kick and bite.

    What to know before your horseback ride?

    Guides will only ride to the level of the least experienced or timid rider in group. Our ride is walk only!

    Reservation: We can only take groups by scheduling and reserving a date and time. We recommend calling at least 48 to 72 hours in advance to make a reservation. The best way to reserve is online but if you have questions please call. We do our best to answer you asap.

    Cost $45 per person

    Children: Groups with young children must take a bunny trail ride cost is $40 per person and length of ride is approximately 50 to 60 minutes. Let us know if your child has taken previous riding lessons.

    Duration: approximately 55 to 70 minutes

    Group size: 5 to 6 riders

    Weight: Riders must be 230lbs or less

    Arrival: Feel free to arrive a few minutes early and please wait in the front parking lot for us to meet with you. Please allow us a few moments to come meet with you.

    Weather: We do not ride in heavy rain, wind, ice or freezing temperatures. Weather is very hard to predict in the high country. We will call two hours before ride start time to cancel for weather or earlier if forecast does look good.

    Cancellation policy: If you need to cancel you horseback ride reservation please call within 24 hours to avoid cancellation fee.

    Waiver and helmet: Riders must sign a liability riding release form and children must wear a helmet. Adults have the option of wearing or not wearing a helmet. We always recommend a helmet for everyone. Safety first!

    Clothing: Riders must wear their best riding shoes. Proper riding boots are recommended like cowboy boots or closed toed shoes with one inch heal and click bottoms. No flip slops, crocks or extra wide shoes or anything like it allowed on premises. No shorts, please wear jeans. No large bags. We are not responsible for any lost or damaged items.

    Rules: Parents children must be supervised at all times. Please follow all instructions from staff and signs. No littering, running, screaming or climbing.