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Natural Horsemanship with Lesley Wooten

I am happy to share with you how I got started and as I continue down the journey with horses.
I am privileged to be able to have horses involved in my life, starting as a young girl my parents got me involved.
My dad has ranch horses in Georgia for his cattle and I starting riding with him.
He is very involved with Grandfather Stables and tries to help anyway he can.
Also Gail my mom has been involved with Arabian Horses and now we own several beautiful Arabian Horses.
We are taking our time to offer a special breeding and training program with Arabian Horses.

I am following the path of becoming a Professional Horsewomen.
I have learned about horses over the years and through many Horse Professionals (including my parents which have been great teachers).
I have been a student of Parelli Natural Horsemanship for which has helped me gain savvy to play with horses in a way that has purpose.
I have learned also through Rider Biomechanics with Colleen Kelly & Kelly Sigler for which has improved my riding for my horses and has helped my students understand riding as well.
Learning how to improve your horsemanship takes time however we all start at the basic level and take it to the performance level which makes it interesting & fun!
I actually enjoy sharing the recipe of horses with others and how to get horses to offer to do more.
The start of a foundation with a horse is to have a positive relationship with your horse.

"I would be happy to be with your Horsemanship journey"

Lesley Wooten

Learn about caring for horses (feeding, grooming, saddling & more)
Learn more about riding (English or Western)
Become a confident rider
Learn what to do in situations with horses (spooking, bucking, lazy, pawing, head tossing, trailer loading)
Improve your horsemanship on the ground and in saddle.
Learn how to play with horses

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Lesley Wooten